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What is Myshopbase?

MyShopBase helps you find the lowest prices and gives you powerful analytics to look at price trends over time. You can also compare prices and find the best deals across major internet retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Ebay, Edmunds Auto Prices, and Google Shopping.

Why do I need to create an account?

MyShopbase saves your personal preferences for items and categories that you track so that our automated programs "robots" can go find the price data that you are tracking.

What is Category Tracking?

Category Tracking is a Myshopbase feature where you can select a Category (Ex: Alternative Rock, Watches, or Cookbooks) and Myshopbase tracks the top selling items and deals within each category. This can be useful for people who may not be certain of the specific item they are looking for and want to know what is most popular or has the steepest discount.

What is Item Tracking?

Item Tracking is a Myshopbase feature where you can select products from Amazon, Ebay (new products), Best Buy, or Google Shopping (has tons of stores) to track the prices over time. Item Tracking allows you to see the trends and determine if prices are increasing or decreasing.

How does tracking prices over time help me?

You can set price change email alerts that let you know when the prices drop on an item. If the prices drop significantly then it could be an indicator that the item is on sale at a good price and could be a good time to buy.

What are Category Deals?

Category deals show the top deals in a grid. It lets you quickly scan through the top deals within the categories that you selected so you can quickly spot the best deals.

What is Compare Prices?

Compare prices looks at all the items that you are tracking. If they have matching UPC codes then Compare Prices will show the items price (over time) for each of the internet retailers that have the Item. This allows you to see which retailer has the best prices.

Does Myshopbase automatically start sending price alerts to me?

Myshopbase only sends email price alerts if you select the email option next to the item or category in your list.

When does Myshopbase send emails?

Our automated programs "robots" send item prices daily (around midnight) and top sellers and deals within each category are sent weekly (on Sunday).

Is my personal data shared?

MyShopbase does not share user data with any 3rd party companies. Our top priority is to protect your privacy and personal data.

How do I remove my account?

You can contact us at anytime and we will completely remove your account and stop any emails that you have requested.

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